November 26, 2006

Welcome, friend, to "Power From Truth" -- my personal and political blog. This is my opportunity to experiment with free thought and free speech. I am not an experienced blogger, so forgive me if I breach protocol from time to time. And what I present here will often be controversial. What moves me to speak is the need for honesty in our discussion of issues -- particularly issues of race and class and their joint impact upon the American political environment.

We cannot grow as a nation -- we cannot truly protect ourselves as Americans -- unless we do the hard work and make the sacrifices needed to build a more democratic and more egalitarian society. That is why I participate in the political process; that is why I have embarked on this journey.

Regretfully, while I encourage you to share your thoughts with me, I am less likely to respond in kind. At this point in my life my time is limited. As some of you may know, I was an "aggressive progressive" candidate for membership in the U.S. House of Representatives from Central Brooklyn during 2005 and 2006. Though unsuccessful, the campaign was a wonderful experience ... and one that drained my family and me of many resources -- particularly time together as a family. I have no regrets about becoming a candidate, but I also have a great debt that I owe my wife and kids.

So this blog becomes a new platform for me and I hope to use it well. Some of my writings will also appear in local print publications, but most of what's here will only be seen here.

It is my hope that a project dear to my heart will soon visit your television screen. Since 1996, I have been involved with the Black Education Network, Inc., in an effort to generate and distribute quality, positive programming for communities of African descent -- as well as general audiences. The new public affairs show, "Inside The Congressional Black Caucus" (ICBC) first aired on the Black Family Channel and the CoLoursTV Network at the end of 2005. ICBC focuses on the work and members of the Congressional Black Caucus. This is of particular importance now that Democrats control the U.S. House of Representatives and a number of CBC members are poised to yield power -- including several Committee chairmanships.

And, of course, if U.S. Senator Barack Obama decides to seek the Democratic nomination for President of the United States, the CBC will have earned an even higher profile.

After a hiatus brought on by my campaign, the program is scheduled to return this coming February on the same two networks and possibly additional ones. ICBC will also be distributed via additional platforms. Business arrangements are still being finalized, so the next two months will be critical to the program's ultimate success. The ICBC website is not yet available for viewing. I will keep you posted as things develop.

I look forward to our new relationship.

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Paul said...

Welcome, Chris!

Glad to see that you're bringing your voice to the blogosphere and continuing your work to realize progressive values in New York, and America generally.

I'll add a link to you from my own blog, alien & sedition.

Looking forward to reading more!